just a minute in January.

Eating: peaches from my Aunty's garden! 
Cooking: tonight? Mushroom and brown rice burgers from The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. (EEK! They have a new one out! Anyone want to buy me an early birthday gift?)
Drinking: filter coffee! Oh, how I love thee...
Practicing: photography. I'm not very good (don't worry, you don't have to say anything, it's just a fact) but it's a hobby I'd really like to improve on. 
Mastering: the blue sky of my brainspace.
Learning: to be more mindful, and grateful for what I have.
Reading: Travelling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor. I'm absolutely LOVING it, but it's bringing up some pretty hardcore wanderlust. 
Wanting: to make some blueberry muffins.
Looking: forward to Bali! 106 days!!
Listening: Lissie. Particularly this one. Also, this amazing podcast. The second story is absolutely beautiful.
Wasting: time on Pinterest. I can't help it - so many pretty images! It's something I want to change about myself - to live less through others and more in reality.
Wishing: I could be back on my family's verandah, with a glass of red wine in hand, watching the kangaroos.
Waiting: for Uni to start again! I needed these past few weeks of freedom to remember how much I enjoy learning. 
Liking: the cooler temperatures over the past few weeks! If I can't be at the beach, I'm really not a fan of hot weather.
Wondering: whether I should be pining for a tip to Vietnam in September, or Sri Lanka. Any words of advice?
Feeling: excited, happy, lucky, calm.
Hoping: to be more humble.
Watching: Sia's performance on SNL. Dang, that girl sings with such raw emotion. I saw her live perhaps 6 years ago now, and it still stands out in my mind as one of the very best performances I've ever seen.
Needing: to remember to put my retainer in at night - I've been grinding. (TMI?)
Smelling: Sukin's hydrating mist toner - it gives my poor, officey face a little refresher and the smell is calming.
Wearing: the weather's been all over the place lately, so I've not been wearing anything with real consistency.
Noticing: new shoots on my chili and zucchini plants! 
Grateful for: my job, my recently re-sparked career ambition, coffee breaks with girls at work... I'm so lucky.
Loving: Rufus' outstretched arm in the middle of the night. When I fall into bed after him and he stirs; his arm reaches over and pulls me in, close to him - that happy little nest of warmth.

#ttt (thankful things on thursday)

I thought I'd start a little weekly feature to highlight some awesome things that happen during the week. Three thankful things on Thursdays... because alliteration is my jam.

- Carving out time to sit our little garden nook; reading, eating breakfast, and recipe planning. Taking time in nature in the mornings to calm my headspace and get me grounded helps to set me up for a good day.

- Frequent cuddles with Jango. Sometimes when I'm laying on the carpet with him or even in bed, he'll snuggle right up to me and press his little nose against mine. It's just too much.

- Seasons, our new art print by James Jean. Oh, man, it is absolutely beyond stunning. (I'll touch on this further in a future post about our art collection. Exciting!) We're sourcing quotes to get it framed!

- Coffees from my new Aeropress! If you followed along last year, you might remember that an Aeropress was high on my wishlist for the better part of 2014! Luckily for me, my handsome man got me one for Christmas! I love it - the procedure of it all, along with the constant scent of fresh coffee in the air.

What are you thankful for this week?

slices of weekend.

A coffee date with breakfast nachos, a sushi run, our best red wine and my new favourite pizza with the Bestbones (feat. lots of laughter, TV talk, and celebrations of our one-year Melbourneiversary), a SHIELD marathon, and a bushwalk.

"jog on"
_DSC0440 copy
the most kookaburras I'd ever seen in one place! this guy had a beetle in his beak.
_DSC0502 copyvsco

How was your weekend, guys? Hope 2015 is treating you well.

the most beautiful sunrise.

We left Adelaide early - 6am early, to be precise - to beat the heat on our way back to Melbourne, and were lucky enough to catch the sunrise from my parents' suburb in the southern wine region McLaren Vale. It was gorgeous - I didn't even edit these photos.


It was the perfect parting gift from the Universe - the stunning dawn of a beautiful new day as we left our old town for our new home.

great ocean roadtrip.

The Great Ocean Road was absolutely stunning. The first day of the trip was spent following the gorgeous blue, winding coastline, with only a few stops to see the Round The Twist (man, that website is amazing) lighthouse, the Twelve Apostles, and famous surfing hotspot Bells Beach. We set up camp in Portland, took Jango on a walk on his leash, ate and drank at the local pub, and hit the hay nice and early.

  _DSC0021 copy
_DSC0038 copy2
_DSC0049 copy
_DSC0074 copy
_DSC0075 copy
_DSC0114 copy
_DSC0156 copy
_DSC0174 copy
_DSC0163 copy
_DSC0211 copy

At 5am, we were woken by this little jerk. Adorable, yes (I have approximately ten thousand photos of him), but have you ever heard the noise koalas make when *ahem* in heat? I woke up with a huge fright and whacked Rufus next to me, completely convinced that we were about to be eaten by a bush pig.

Koala barking aside, it was a super peaceful, incredibly beautiful trip.