touching base.

I miss this space.

We don't have the internet at home and due to my heavy workload at present, editing photos at home and uploading them at work isn't an option for me. But I have been so, so happy! In fact, I haven't been so happy in a very long time.

Since last we spoke, two of my favourite people got married - and I had the honour of being a bridesmaid - in the most beautiful wedding ceremony of all time. In fact, you might say it was the Best wedding I've ever attended. We've been house-hunting for a rental; a place to call home in this crazy city. No luck as yet - though I have my fingers and toes crossed for a beautiful townhouse we applied for recently! Work is busy, and often challenging, and I couldn't be any happier with it. Uni has started and I'm pleasantly surprised at my own determination to stay on top of lectures and assignments; it feels good to have an end-goal in mind, finally. We've been eating some delicious food, of course, and exploring our new city's suburbs, art galleries and museums with excitement. Rufus' sister Caitlyn came to visit us and we spent the weekend eating, drinking and dancing - it was so great to see her. And although I'm absolutely loving the life we're creating for ourselves here, we're also excitedly planning a few little trips during the next few months - mostly back to Adelaide, but also a little trip to Fiji for my cousin's wedding in June!

Life is good! I will upload a bunch of photos from the past few months when I get the chance, but until then, here's a low-quality photo of some of my favourite folk from the wedding, which I stole from a friend's Facebook page. Please excuse my goofy expression.


How are you? How's life? And your friends? Your dog? I hope you're smiling.

valentine's day (food porn).

Rufus and I don't really do much to celebrate Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong; Rufus does amazing things for me! He's lit up the entire house with candles, cooked a delicious dinner, bought my favourite sweet treats and stashed them around the house, and left little love notes for me to find... but he does those things on normal days, too. This year, we decided to celebrate Love Day with frozen yoghurt (just as amazing as I remembered), Robocop, dumplings, and wine. And it was awesome! 

To make Valentine's Day particularly special this year, I also won an awesome prize pack thanks to Time Out Melbourne! As well as some other amazing bits and pieces (crepes, lingerie, bow ties), the star of the prize pack was a Wine Flight at the beautiful Fowles winery, just an hour or so away from home!

DSC_0110 copy
DSC_0101 copy

On a very dreary Saturday, we drove through the beautiful countryside to the picturesque Fowles Winery. We started our in the main foyer; making our way through the extensive tasting menu. I was utterly shocked by how delicious these wines were. Not usually 'white people', we fell in love with the Chardonnays, the Rieslings, the Prosecco. The Pinot Noirs were jaw-dropping and the Sangiovese was... beyond. Before we hit the big reds, we were summoned to our table.

Oh, my, goodness.

DSC_0114 copy
DSC_0121 copy
DSC_0133 copy
DSC_0138 copy

We started with some fluffy breads and delectable olive oil. Entrees were zucchini and mint pea soup, paired with Prosecco for me, and trout tart with avocado aioli paired with our favourite Chardonnay of the day for Rufus. While mine certainly was delicious, Rufus could NOT stop raving about his trout tart. The pairings for both were spot-on; we'd never done a wine pairing before and I am looking forward to making it a regular occurrence in my life.

Next was gnocci with mushrooms, rocket pesto and blue cheese paired with the aforementioned Chardonnay for me, and duck breast something-something (you'd have to ask him for a more accurate meat description) for Rufus. THIS was the highlight of my main course. The wine was paired to perfection; the blue cheese with that Chardonnay blew my mind! It was perfectly creamy, oaky and sharp, with the peppery rocket shooting through. To die for.

Next was an eggplant Caponata with Pinot Noir for me, and lamb chop with vegetables and Pinot (?) for Liam. Again, the wines complemented the food perfectly, my dish itself was full of flavour, and apparently Liam's lamb was cooked to perfection! The cheese course was next - a delicious aged cheddar with red wine-soaked pear and crackers; paired with a full-bodied, delicious Shiraz. Holy heck, yes. I could have eaten that course for the rest of my life.

Then dessert came out. We had a strawberry semifreddo with vanilla shortbread, paired with the best Frizzante of my life. It was a perfectly light, sweet dish that was accented by the light bubbles in the sweet wine. Then: bitter chocolate and fig tart with white chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis; paired with another Shiraz. I don't have enough words - in fact, there are not enough words in the English language to accurately describe the perfection of this dish. I am a chocolate addict, a fig-fiend and a red wine lover; so this combination left me dizzy with happiness. I'm not even kidding. It was that good.

Even the affogato was mind-blowing - perfectly creamy icecream with a double shot of rich, full espresso; with a little hazlenut biscotti for dipping. I didn't want it to end.

DSC_0149 copy
DSC_0172 copy
DSC_0170 copy

With full bellies and light heads, we went back out to finish the rest of the wine tasting. The wines were absolutely incredible, and our host was just too lovely; this culminated in far too many bottles of wine being purchased. But we didn't care; we laughed with our new friend and tried some new wines and daydreamed about the food we had only just finished eating.

And then we went outside and took silly photos.

DSC_0153 copy
DSC_0159 copy
DSC_0161 copy

I was so impressed with the food and the decor and the wine and the hospitality we received at Fowles - especially the fact that they were more than happy to create a vegetarian menu upon my request. Thank you so much Time Out Melbourne! I don't think it's going too far to say that this was the most wonderful Valentine's Day ever.

the national.

I had another amazing weekend. After a Sunday at Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Show; drinking gin and rum and beer and whiskey, an ice fight on the prestigious Exhibition Building grounds, a dance through a Greek Festival, and the most delicious dumplings for dinner, we saw The National at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

To say it was absolutely incredible would be selling it short. I actually felt myself get choked up as they walked onto the stage. They're just such a talented group, and played such a seamless, beautiful set list. They got to me - straight through the wine-fog from dinner, through the meds, through the sleepiness - and broke my heart in the best possible way.

The National - Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks (live acoustic version) from Digital Bohemia on Vimeo.

They finished with an acoustic, sing-a-long version of Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. It was haunting. I felt myself fall in love everything and nothing in particular. They split me right apart.