a perfect day.

I was perusing The Happiness Project website the other day, and found a list of interesting questions (which, for the life of me, I cannot find again). I filled them all out - I won't share, as some of them got a little personal - but this one has stuck with me; playing on my mind since I realised what was true. 

What would your perfect day look like?

Wake up before the sun; drive (or walk) to the beach for a surf and to watch the sunrise; after surfing, stretch out on the sand – maybe do some yoga - and play with the dogs; meet Rufus for brunch and lots of delicious coffee; head out to an art gallery or museum or zoo and play; in the afternoon, meet friends or family for some red wine and cheese; head back home (to the country, with wide open spaces) in the evening with friends for some more drinks, a hearty meal (made with ingredients from our vegetable garden), and a bon fire; late at night, when all our friends are gone, I curl up on a huge, comfortable couch under a blanket with Rufus – we watch a movie (during which I fall asleep), eat popcorn and dark chocolate, and drink tea.

I was both surprised, and not, by my response. It was a little surprising to me, at first, that my perfect day would include so much alone time first thing in the morning. Although I suppose, as an introvert, I do tend to find those quiet moments most energizing. I think that morning time spent alone, in nature, grounds me; keeps me calm and clear and brings me back to myself. Doing some exercise in the morning is always good for my headspace, as is a view of the ocean and a sunrise. Brunch is no surprise; I love the meal! And wanting Rufus to be the first one I see after getting my bearings is not at all surprising. Getting cultural has always been one of my favourite ways to spend a day with Rufus, and everyone needs social time - the red wine and cheese is self-explanatory. A home in the country has only recently entered my headspace as an absolute necessity to my future happiness. I want space. I want character. I want vegetables and animals and trees and the vastness. I love everything about a bonfire - the smell, mostly - and can't think of a more cosy setting than curled up in blankets and beanies and scarves, hands wrapped around a bowl of chickpea stew (or some other hearty, one-pot wonder) - red wine at our feet; laughing with friends around the glow of a fire. Curling up on the couch with Rufus makes me so happy - it had to feature in my perfect day. I'm sure he would be so frustrated with me for falling asleep, but there's something about dozing off to the sounds of cinema that makes me so damn happy! 

It frustrates me that most of this stuff doesn't exist in my everyday life. I struggle to get out of bed - leaving Rufus curled up all cozy and cuddly - and do my own thing. Surfing?! I've not been for a surf in years. I don't live in a magical home that's in equal parts close to the beach and in the country... However, I just know it to be true. I know that would be my perfect day. Perhaps some feeding of dogs and goats and piglets and bunnies thrown in for good measure. What's most surprising, however, is how little food featured in my perfect day! Perhaps my emotional contentment is no longer linked to food?! (Baby steps...)

The question also got me thinking about context for this perfect day. What would the weather be? (Autumn, - cold at night, sunny and cool during the day - but still early enough in autumn that the sunrise isn't too late in the morning) Who would the friends/family members be? When do I shower during this day? Would I have all of this planned out beforehand, or would it evolve naturally? (Still not sure about that one... I'm not sure which would bring the most peace; knowing what was happening and on what timeline, and potentially feeling rushed and not "in the moment", or playing things by ear and having to make decisions on the fly. I suppose it depends on the people I'm with) I think these subsequent questions reveal so much about me. 

What would your perfect day look like? Please comment with your response, or flick me through an email (kelsey.hibberd@live.com.au) - I'd love to know!

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  1. This was such an interesting post. The perfect day for me is similar in many ways - alone time and exercise in the morning is vital, and I find I need to be in the country. As exciting as I find the city and as close to things as the suburbs are, I need the space and nature and animals. The reality of my days is more that I struggle to wake up, don't move around a lot, stay indoors... I like how curious you are about the rest of it too. I think it's something really worth thinking about!