just a minute in july.

I thought I'd extend this monthly segment - adding in a few new questions and a selfie every month. I'm not usually a selfie person, but it might be fun to document the passing of time.


Wearing: anything to keep me warm! It's currently a balmy 3 degrees C at 10am in Melbourne. It's been cold, guys. Usually, my weekend wardrobe includes jeans, boots, a jumper, and my new(ish) favourite jacket from Bronze Snake Shop.

Following: I'm loving folkmagazine on Instagram at present, and have been searching through the pages of AWTW blog for inspiration.

Bookmarking: HA! This is my latest bookmark. That's embarrassing.

Excited for: our trip back to Adelaide in August! It's been way too long, and I need to see the sea.

Planning: to go op-shopping this weekend. Yay! (Also trying to imagine what my life will look like once I've finished my degree... I'm pretty excited for that.)

Feeling: tired, content, grateful.

Wanting: an Aeropress. Some new jumpers. A new camera lens. My tax money to come through. To travel.

Grateful for: my job, the sunshine, my Rufus.

Watching: Entourage (don't judge me) and Penny Dreadful. We also recently finished Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Best Ink, and Ink Master.

Reading: I'm re-reading the Fables comics, and have Under the Tuscan Sun bookmarked by my bed.

Drinking: lots of green tea! Red wine. And occasionally a coffee.

Listening: Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant, Yearling XL by Ace Reporter, and Pools by Glass Animals, just to name a few. 

Loving: the sunshine today! I can handle the cold; but I'm a misery guts when the sun isn't out.


  1. Hi lovely! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. If you want some help with editing, send me an email (it's on my page) and I can help you out :-)

    p.s. tea, wine and coffee - my favourite beverages <3

  2. Yessssss!! When in Aug will you two be visiting? :)

    1. 15th to 18th! Let's hang :)

    2. Sweet! We're seeing Something for Kate on the Friday night, but totally free for hangs the rest of the time. :) x

    3. Oh cool! Haha well I think Liam's family's going to hijack us that night anyway! If you're free on the Saturday night, could we maybe lock you guys in for something fun? (I know Liam also wants to have a boy's drink at some stage... if Pete's keen :))