slices of weekend.

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Another predominantly cold and blustery weekend in Melbourne. Rufus and I spent our time wandering around markets (the Finders Keepers art market on Saturday; Flour Market on Sunday), watching movies, and celebrating Christmas in July with a big feast, cute stocking stuffers, and kids movies.

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Most of the photos we took on Saturday night are too hideous hilarious personal to share, so this dinner table is all I have. Rufus came up with the sweet idea to give ourselves a $15 budget and buy a few small gifts for one another. THAT was fun! In the evening, we got into our pjs and cooked some mulled wine (amazing!); Liam set a pork to roast; I cooked up a vegetarian stuffing, brussels sprouts in garlic butter, and honeyed carrots. We lit some candles and feasted heartily, marvelling non-stop at our cooking skills. We watched children's movies after dinner, and for dessert; our newly acquired stocking-stuffer treats: Turkish Delight for him, Cherry Ripe for her.

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On Sunday morning, we jumped out of bed bright and early to a beautiful day. We quickly drove to the beautiful Fitzroy Town Hall - anticipating the smell of fresh coffee beans, baking bread, and sugary-sweet donuts - for another installment of the Flour Market. It was to start at 9am - we arrived at ten-to. And the line was already snaked around the block (in the first photo of this set, we'd already moved a good 500m and you still can't see the hall!). Sigh. We reminisced about the lines at Comic Con (1, 2, 3) while we waited. And really? It was worth the wait. We flitted from stall to stall, collecting crumpets, sausage rolls, donuts, croissants, and (naturally) coffee as we went. Then we crossed the road and picnicked in the park.

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Winter's alright sometimes. How was your weekend?


  1. Your weekend sounds like it was good! I love the $15 gifts idea, nice way of brightening a day.

  2. What an absolutely brilliant weekend, we were so happy on Saturday night. And those damn gourmet sausage rolls are the tastiest things in existence.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photos. That photo of the cake looks freakin' divine - is that a jam donut? OMG.

    1. Why thank you! And yep - raspberry jam!