My head is full of words today, and I haven't shared in ages, and these photos are not glamorous or well-edited, and my blog still has a terrible layout, and I'm not sure where this post is going to end up or just what I'm going to say, but I know it needs to be said. So I'll start with today.

Today I'm grateful. I'm overflowing with the good stuff. I'm grateful for the tawny frogmouths I see on my walk from the car to my office, every single morning. I love staring up at the beautiful, big gum trees lining my path and searching for them; without a care for my odd appearance. I'm grateful for big boxes of organic fruits and vegetables; the look of them, the smell, the excitement I feel upon getting home - exhausted, lately - to a big box of goodies, and the meals we make with our produce (Moroccan pumpkin rice with hummus and chilli-sauteed greens, anyone?)... especially I love the little snail that had found his way onto our box last night (I have a soft spot for snails - I popped him back in the garden outside before recycling the cardboard). I'm grateful for friends who make me feel excited and understood - with whom hanging out is NOT a cause for anxiety. I'm grateful for mid-week dinners with such friends; Thai food and good wine and laughing until my face aches and my stomach burns (it must be said - I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time, and it felt damn good). I'm grateful for the music shared between friends.

fresh, local, organic, delivered.

I'm grateful for friends who make the trip from our hometown to visit us for a weekend. I'm grateful for farmers markets. I'm so grateful that these friends are satisfied with a night of movie watching in front of the TV (not a night out on the town), and that they don't judge me when I fall asleep on the floor. You make me feel known and understood and accepted. I'm grateful that my Rufus has found a job which makes him happy to get up in the mornings. Where he fits in. Where he sees potential and growth and positivity. That he gets home at night and can't stop talking. (Maybe just a little bit, I'm also grateful for the freebies he gets; especially tickets to film festivals).

I'm grateful for the leftovers in the fridge, waiting for me to eat them for lunch - chickpea patties, brussels sprouts and carrots cooked in butter, and crackers with avocado spread on top. I'm grateful for a brain that moves quickly. Today, I'm grateful for the sunshine.

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  1. This is a lovely post :) I need to be more grateful for things!